Beans beans, they’re good for your heart…you know the rest

And the results are in! I’ve no clue what I’ve done to be blessed by the HDL cholesterol gods, but my HDL (the higher the better/the good cholesterol) was a whopping 97! Average is 40-60 and my dad said he’s only ever seen one person with a higher HDL.  As for the bad kind, that’s looking good too. My LDL (bad cholesterol) was 78. Less than 100 is considered good. Interestingly, this makes for a combined cholesterol of 190 which would normally be “high,” but because of my absurd HDL, it’s actually a very good thing. WHEW. My triglycerides were 79.

My dad’s went up, womp womp. His total was 209 with an HDL of 52 and an LDL of 138. His triglycerides were 96. But that’s okay! It’ll improve, I’m certain.

So as for Day 2, I’ve come to realize that being vegan sometimes means a bouquet  of produce color! This morning I had blueberry oatmeal, made with 1/4 cup apple cider and 3/4 cup water, with bananas and cinnamon added. Yum!

For dinner I made a three bean chili that also happened to have three kinds of peppers.




Although I really wanted to add sour cream and cheese to the top of my chili, I refrained. Being vegan: day 2, complete!


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One response to “Beans beans, they’re good for your heart…you know the rest

  1. Cami Laurel

    ouch….I’m thinkin’ this may be a life long diet for the dad…..

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