Being Vegan: Day 6

Lunch yesterday. Yum? I think so. As you can probably see, I couldn’t quite wait to take the picture before biting into that pita with peanut butter and agave. I’ve been craving peanut butter something fierce. (Odd since I never liked it before).

Tonight, I made roasted spaghetti squash. This is what it looks like once it’s scraped out of the shell.

I added some organic, no sugar added marinara sauce on top with some ground beef imitator ground up in the sauce. Add a slice of whole grain bread, a glass of merlot and you’ve got one guilt-free, delicious dinner! I couldn’t believe how good the faux-meat was-nothing like the gelatinous hotdog.

Here’s proof! A shot of my 15 year old brother, in action, eating a plate full of SPAGHETTI SQUASH. So proud.



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2 responses to “Being Vegan: Day 6

  1. Cami Laurel

    OMG….Lisa is so lucky to have you…Please come cook for me!!!

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