Knapsack Dinner

Tonight I was taken back to the days of playgrounds and puddle hopping as my dinner was as follows: PB+J, applesauce+cinnamon, pickle spear, and chocolate pudding. It was splendid. (Minus the chocolate pudding that got mixed reviews at best).


If only life were so simple.



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2 responses to “Knapsack Dinner

  1. Marissa

    I’ve been really curious to know how your feeling on it, like if your having low blood sugar episodes or feeling more tired or more energized. And also if you in general like the vegan way of life.

    • Maybe I’ll do a post about that stuff tonight. In general, it’s been pretty good! No low blood sugar spells, thankfully! I just get downright grouchy when those happen, and I’ve had more energy if anything. It’s nice 🙂

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