Glimpse Burgers

As I was making dinner, I found this fatty waiting for his own meal on our kitchen table. This was the look I got when I told him “I love you, Chester!” Can you tell how much he loves me too? Total disdain. He still got plenty to eat of course. My cat’s more spoiled than a rotten egg.

Anyway, I was absolutely famished after work. I wanted something quick and easy and I’ve been wanting to make this recipe for at least three days now. I nearly cried when I realized I didn’t have any cooked brown rice and the damn stuff takes at least 30 minutes. It was worth the wait.

Once I had the rice made, these were a cinch to pull together. Super easy and really delicious. Next time instead of using a potato masher though, I’ll make sure to use my food processor to really blend all the ingredients well, and I’ll also double (at least) the recipe. This time I put one “meat patty” on two slices of bread, but because they’re not heavy and caloric like meat, I’ll use two patties the next time on a bun for more of a “burger” effect.

I’m calling them Glimpse Burgers because they’re from my mom’s yoga instructor’s website, called “Glimpse Yoga”. You can visit her website here for a comprehensive and inspirational introduction to yoga, plus some fantastic recipes (including the burgers here, called “Northstar Cafe Burger” on her site). Bon appetite!



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2 responses to “Glimpse Burgers

  1. bry

    dudeski Northstar is an incredible restaurant here in columbus 🙂 the northstar burger is what theyre known for, and while yours look delicious, you need to see one of theirs in person bc it will blow you away! come visit again plz

  2. When training to teach yoga, short of paying attention to weather, time of year, and events in the news, or else asking students before class, I didn’t learn any mystical secret for determining students’ practice needs. Yet after nearly every class—regardless of day, time or level—at least one student tells me, “That was great, just what I needed today,” or something like that. My amazement never fails; somehow, whatever I plan for a particular class finds at least one person in the right place at the right time. I don’t understand and can’t explain how it happens, but the fact that it does happen assures me I don’t need to understand something in order to experience positivity in it.

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