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My 28 Day Vegan Journey (a day late)

If I’ve learned something, as I certainly have, by only eating food with dirty roots, it’s the inter-connectedness or the smooth fluidity of the human body. What goes in detonates, like a nutritional bomb, and touches every plasmatic surface, every neglected and un-stretched muscle. It seems it’s true that all we need to know we learned in kindergarten.

With the leg bone connected
to the knee bone,
and the knee bone connected
to the thigh bone,
and the thigh bone connected
                          to the hip bone…

Whole grains, legumes, fruit, soy, nuts, berries, water and vegetables have been the mainstays given the rite of passage into my cleansed gullet these past 28 days (and some less honorable mentions if I’m being honest, like umm, a few Oreo’s), and my whole body feels like it’s been gently nudged awake from a sort of nutritional hibernation.

Going along with the allegory, the first order of business after sleep, is, fittingly, a trip to the toilet. Sure enough, the first transformation was in my gut. See: Grocery experience. This is the one “health benefit” of veganism I’m not sure I liked. Before this experiment I was already *ahem* using the restroom twice a day because I ate a lot of fiber. It was comfortable. But this past month? Let’s not even go there…it’s been a little excessive.

Next, waking up. Maybe for most people this comes first, but for me, open eyes does not equal “awake”. I’m not going to say there hasn’t been a single moment when a yawn has slipped out of my mouth mid-day, but generally I’ve had an abundance of energy-and if I have gotten tired, it’s because I work in a library.

Third, grooming. My skin has hardly required washing, and this is coming from a girl with acne. Not a cute little comically placed pimple at the tip of my nose every once and awhile kind of acne, the real deal. Again, I’ve still had to manage my acne, but my skin has become unbelievably dry. I tried using my acne medicine last night, but when I woke up this morning my skin was peeling. It’s been made obsolete!

It seems like so many things (and so many other smaller things I don’t have space to mention, like the fact that my eyelashes look like Brooke Shields’ in those Latisse commercials, or that my mouth doesn’t taste bad in the morning) are clearly affected by nutrition. I knew this before, but to see such dramatic changes, like with my skin, happen in 28 days, is pretty remarkable.

I’ll post my and my dad’s test results tomorrow for scientific proof, but for now, I’ll just sign off and leave you with the skeleton song stuck in your head. It’s a good one to remember whether you’re eating a salad or, perhaps, a delicious, creamy Oreo. What you allow yourself to eat will have an impact on your whole self. Whether or not I remain vegan, this is something I’ll never forget.


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Farting, Pooping and Bloating


All day I’ve been trying to think of a polite way to breach the topic of digestion. I’ve got nothin’.

Let me go all Eric Carle on you for a sec. After munching through one banana, a handful of blueberries, a few cups of grapes, two clementines and one apple, my toilet is ready for retirement. So is my colon.

Note for tomorrow: more veggies, less fruit. 


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Being vegan: Day 1

Don’t worry…I went out with a bang. Yesterday I ate nearly all meat and cheese, although a few raspberries may have slipped in there at some point…

ImageToday, day 1, I woke up around 6 in the morning (on my day off, I might add) with an upset stomach and enough nerves to make a sloth jittery. This, of course, was due to my paranoia about needles which I would have to confront head on come 9:30 or so.

Confront, I did. After the nearly painless blood drawing (results to come) my dad and I had a smoothie with apple, strawberries, blackberries, oats and almond milk. We also had an apple on top of the fruit smoothie, which may account for why we both had similar cart-halting, bathroom-sprinting experiences today- mine at Whole Foods and his at Kroger. TMI? Maybe.

I do love Whole Foods. They have such great options for people with not so typical diets, and their prepared food is always spectacular. My mom bought a vegan blueberry muffin and it was ethereal. However, their produce is beyond expensive (hence my sending the pops to Kroger for veggies and fruit), and I discovered this honey as well. I had to share. Now, I’ve heard good things about Manuka Honey. But 33 dollars?! Hot damn. I’ll buy a hive for that much, thank you very much.


All in all, successful first day.


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Salads Galore!

Since it will soon be The Day of gluttony where pies and their fattening counterparts get the spotlight, today’s post will feature a menu item less inspired by Santa’s portly figure and more oriented towards a pre-holiday stocking up on nutrition. Salads really don’t get enough credit for taste and its probably due to the fact that most often, a house salad at a restaurant is made up of several large chunks of iceberg lettuce sailing on a river of ranch dressing with a few shreds of dried out cheddar cheese floating along beside them. Now I’m not saying I don’t enjoy an occasional dunk in the proverbial Ranch River but generally, it’s just as easy to make a healthier and better tasting salad as it is to throw together a sub par one.

Dewey’s Pizza has a really delicious salad that I get every time I go called a Candied Walnut and Grape Salad. I don’t know how they make their dressing unfortunately but sometimes I try to replicate the salad. The recipe below is just what I use, but substitutions are always fun.


  • mixed baby greens
  • Gorgonzola cheese (a rather fattening cheese, I know. Just use a tablespoon or so)
  • halved purple grapes (you can use green ones but purple and red grapes are sweeter and pair well with the tartness of the Gorgonzola)
  • candied walnuts (recipe below)
  • dressing

Candied Walnuts

The recipe I use is Laura Werlin’s and I think it’s magnificent:


  • 1/4 cup powdered sugar
  • 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 4 ounces walnuts (about one heaping cup; don’t use pieces)


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

In a medium sized bowl, mix together the sugar, cayenne and salt.

Bring a small saucepan of water to boil. Add the walnuts and blanch them for 3 minutes. Drain well and then immediately roll the walnuts in the sugar mixture until thoroughly coated. The sugar will melt slightly. Transfer the walnuts to a baking sheet or pan and bake, stirring occasionally, until they are a deep golden brown, about 10 minutes. Watch carefully because the sugar can burn easily. Let cool completely before serving.


1 tablespoon apple butter

1 tablespoon red wine vinegar (or white wine vinegar if you don’t have red)

olive oil

Whisk the apple butter and vinegar together and as your doing that, slowly drizzle in the olive oil. I think I used a few tablespoons but a taste test every few seconds would be your best bet. If you don’t have apple butter, jelly or jam is a decent substitute.

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